Layout of the Lorry

Below are the key specifications for the Lab in a Lorry in terms of dimensions, weight and power requirements.

Layout of the lorry

Lorry Dimensions:
Length – 16.5m (including tractor unit)
Height – 4.4m (including air con units)
Width – 2.5m (will extend to 3.5m once the steps are out)
Weight: 10 tons (17 with tractor unit)

Power: The power requirements for the lorry are one (or two running air conditioning) 13 amp or 16 amp connections which are standard 3 pin plugs that can easily be plugged into a school via the 50m leads. The lorry also has two on-board petrol powered generators that can be used as a backup. Fully fuelled (250 litres) the lorry can run for approximately 5 days.

The internal layout of the Lab has been created by professional educators and industrial designers. It contains three experiment areas accommodating small groups who can conduct hands-on experiments together in a team. Each vehicle is designed to accommodate a maximum of 18 visitors and their leader at any one time. On a given day, about four groups will visit the vehicle. Each group will spend approximately one hour in the lorry.

The lorry consists of two sections. One section is for public use; and the other is for volunteers only.

The public space is where our visitors will conduct their experiments. Each lorry has three workstations, with a different experiment performed at each. An individual workstation accommodates a maximum of six visitors and one volunteer staff member. Visitors will rotate because each experiment will take about half an hour. Thus, each visitor will conduct at least two of the three experiments.

Although there are three workstations, each lorry may have more experiments on-board. Three of the experiments will be in use at any one time. Each team will decide which of the three experiments they will supervise when staffing the lorry. In addition each workstation also provides storage space for a group's coats and bags.

The other section, the staff room, is locked and only accessible to Lab in a Lorry volunteers.

Facilities available in the staff room include:

  • Sink and hand-washing facilities
  • Refrigerator, tea and coffee and water facilities
  • Running water for experiments and first aid
  • First aid box

Please note that although the lorry doesn't have toilet facilities on-board, there will be facilities available at each venue.

Information on experiments