A standard visit

The Lorry accommodates a maximum of 18 visitors per group visit, with around 4-5 groups visit per day. The visitors will work in three teams with at least one staff member mentoring each team. Our high mentor-to-student ratio ensures that all students get to "try their hand" at experimental physics, while their mentor answers their questions. Each team will decide the direction and the pace at which they explore their experiment.  While the Lorry has three experimental zones, each group will spend 45-60 minutes working on the experiments. Usually each group will perform 2 of the 3 experiments and then depart, so their visit is approximately 1 hour in duration.

Although there are 3 experimental stations and thus at least 3 mentors actively working with visitors, our design is to have a team of 3 volunteers at a minimum with an Operations Coordinator supervising. This will allow staff to take a break when needed.