Volunteer Support

Lab in a Lorry could not work without the commitment and enthusiasm of the volunteers who staff it. We are aware that you have limited time to give and we want you to feel comfortable with the content of the experiments and equipment that you will be using, so we are providing local briefing sessions to familiarise you with the specifics of Lab in a Lorry.

The training will consist of:

  • Overview of the experiments
  • Trying out the experiments first-hand
  • Reviewing how the lorry operates (entrance, access, facilities, etc)
  • Reviewing how the day operates: information on pre-arranged and public visits
  • Answering your questions

Our advice to volunteers who staff the lorry can be summarised as follows:

  • Take the initiative - it will be worth it!
  • Be prepared
  • Be honest
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Allow the students to participate through sharing
  • Make it relevant
  • Give each student the opportunity of a rewarding experience
  • Enjoy it! You can make a difference!

Once registered will we will contact you with dates, times, and locations of training.